How Can a Rainbow or Friend be Measured?
Rainbows and Friends are just God's way
Of sending us a treasure each day!
It teaches us Unconditional Love
He sends to us from above
Just see with your heart
Right from the start
Feel with your soul
As I am told
For God is forever at our side
From Him our pain we cannot hide
Loving us as He teaches us
To place in HIM our undying Trust
He sends us friends, and pretty rainbows
He loves us from our heads to our toes
He shows us He is there for us
Why is it so hard to show our trust
If we just call on Him each day
Let Him listen to what we have to say
He will take away all our pain
Just look at all that we will gain
So treasure these many beautiful rainbows
It's guaranteed so everyone knows
Even in our darkest hours
He sends to us Many flowers
His strength is always there for us
We simply ask and then we trust
Our prayers answered, Joy will be ours
Even in our darkest hours
He will send us another a friend
To help us through, Again we will win
For Friends and rainbows
As everyone knows
Are only a few of God's gifts to be treasured
How Can a Rainbow or Friend be Measured?

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