Rhonda Beagan's Story

My Story:
As a survivor of childhood abuse, both physical and sexual,
I have found that when I turned to Jesus,
He was always there, He never left me nor forsook me.
My abuse started when I was 5 years old,
I have scars on my body from the abuse.
I was beaten unmercifully by my own mother
with a board and during one of the beatings,
the top of my ear got cut off
and had to be sewn back on.
During this same time of my life I was
also being sexually abused by
a male member of the family.
All of my childhood days I felt unloved,
unwanted and no good, I felt that I would never
amount to anything since that was what I was told.
But because of Gods unfailing love,
I am a new person today and am
recovering from my past.
My favorite scripture verse that God
gave me is Psalms 27:10, When my father
and my mother forsake me, then the Lord
will take me up. I'm glad He promised that
He would never leave me nor forsake me
and He has kept that promise!
He protected me during all of this abuse.
I used to have a white dove who nested beside
my bedroom window, everytime I would go
out in the yard this dove would follow me.
One day it came time for me to leave
and go off to college, when I left,
the dove left as well and my mother
said that she never returned. I have been
told that she was my guardian angel!
She was very special to me and
I'm certain she is why I am alive today!
There is hope for the hurting,
just look to Jesus and you'll find
He's always there!

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