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Heat, my body's on fire

Filled with passion ... you are my desire

Love so intense so honest and new
Never felt this until there was you

It is you that I want, you that I need
Come to me and plant in me love's seed

Your hands caress and tantalize
Awakening feelings, I quiver, I sigh

Into a pool of fire I dive
Screaming out loud I AM ALIVE!

Hot.. Hot.. my temperature climbs
Our bodies together ... rapture entwined

Faster .. deeper .. is this for real
Do you feel the thrill that I feel

You explore me .. touching my soul
Where once I was half, with you I am whole

Higher .. darling .. how high I don't know
Don't stop now ... never let go

At the same time our bodies grow weak
Our body language oh how it does speak

Passion and glory I've never known
Discovery of love to me you have shown ...

The meaning of love as it should be
Me loving you and you loving me

As I lay back down in your arms
Aware of you and all of your charms

I smile a smile, my face all aglow
For with you, rhapsody I know

Mere words cannot impart
The love for you down deep in my heart

Simple and sweet, and always so true
My Darling, I am, in love with you

Copyright 6-02-00

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