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            And then the Lord in spirit came upon my soul
        What did he find yet that what needs to be made whole,
        He entreated me to be patient, true and kind
        And to know his love and truth are never left far behind,

        At each mornings of the dawn sunlight
        He resides and reminds me of the new day's plight,
        To trust him in patience, love, action and prayer
        And to just know that he is and is and will be there,

        Interesting how his word never grows old
        No matter the problem or what distinction is told,
        The word engraved on the tablet of my heart
        Forgotten by mind or self never leaves for it is impart,

        So I forget yet remember again
        He is the one who died for forgiveness and sin,
        And rose to the right hand of God
        And in his name, Jesus, I give all glory love and do laud,

        And as the day wears on not spent
        He guides, discerns, protects, by grace heaven sent,
        To my God I thank, bless and adore
        I travel not alone seeking heaven's shore...
 ~Loren Howell~

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