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Words, keep them soft and sweet

for you never know when those words

you may have to eat.

Things you said I couldn't believe

Knocked my heart right off of my sleeve

Sad but you don't realise

Those words how they hurt and made me cry

A fool.. that's what I am

Don't think I will ever love again

Beginnings of an end

Not left with a friend

I promised I'd always love you

Not a problem for that's what I do

But the hurt is beyond repair

Finding that you don't even care

The fault belongs only to me

You never said that we were to be

But why do you come .. why do you stay

Bringing me hope with each new day

Deception? Perhaps you didn't know

How my love continued to grow

You love that I love you

You said that was true

I wonder how will I go on

come the dawn

The dawn of reality, the death of my soul

I will never again feel whole

Memories, yes . I have a few

And I will recall the ones spent with you

Forgetting is easy...I do it each day

It's the damn Remembering that gets in the way

To you my heart... I can't close the door

I will be loving you .. forever more


Copyright 5-30-00

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