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~ Feelings ~

How do I begin to explain my feelings for you

when I haven't got a clue?

~ feelings of love ~

It isn't the way you hold me,

although in my dreams you do.

~ feelings ~

It isn't the sweet prose of love you recite.

Although when you speak your words are just right.

~ feelings of love ~

Is it the music that plays when you are near?

Or am I the only one for whom it is so clear?

~ feelings ~

Perhaps it is your heart I know.

For you have touched my very soul.

~ feelings of love ~

Feelings inside me you awoke ...

On the first night we ever spoke.

~ feelings ~

Perhaps it was just your charming wit.

Laughter is a big part of it.

~ feelings of love ~

You always know how to make me smile.

And time with you is so worthwhile.

~ feelings ~

In my eagerness for you to know...

My loving feelings just let go.

~ feelings of love ~

Quiet times I sit alone..

Staring at the telephone.

~ feelings ~

My heart feels as though it will break.

Never knew how much it could ache.

~ feelings of love ~

I awake to thoughts of you

Wondering what today you'll do.

~ Feelings ~

And when at night I close my eyes..

.It is then I realize....

~ My Feelings of Love For You ~

These feelings I cannot explain,

Bring me joy and bring me pain.

~ feelings ~

I've never loved this way before

.I only know I want you more.

~ feelings of love ~

A tear burns and I cry.

And I let out a heart felt sigh.

~ feelings ~

How do I explain to you ...

When I have not a single clue.

~ feelings of love ~

I don't know where this will all end.

Or if indeed it will begin.

~ feelings ~

"Love isn't something that we are...

It's something that we do.

"Feelings Of Love I Have Them For You!"

I love you.


**Copyright 1999

Poem Written By

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