Faceless Friend

You are a faceless friend to me
Your words are what of you I see

I feel you sadness ...  hear your cries
I see the tears that brim your eyes

A heart that was once pristine
Now has scars that can't be seen

Love has gone and left despair
You look around and no one's there

Alone you feel so lost and blue
You wonder how this you'll get through

I know of these words I speak
Love, too, has made me feel weak

Reaching out yet holding back
Wondering what it is you lack

You fall into a self felt pity
Where once you were thought of as witty

Stop and think and realize
Life is right before your eyes

Get up and put on a smile
You'll find that life is still worthwhile

I do not mean to slight you Hon
I know you feel life's come undone

Tomorrow the sun will shine
But you must have a change of mind

You are perfect as you are
You are to me a shining star

Smile for me and I will too
Together we will see this through

I love you my faceless friend
Our friendship will never end

Copyright May 10, 2001


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