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He was a stranger
A friend yet to be

Somehow .. someway
He called to me

I held out my hand
And to him said hello

Where are you from stranger
And where will you go

He said "my name is Drifter"
I wander and roam

Looking for a place
To call my home

My heart fluttered
I felt such a rush

Wondering why
I felt my face blush

Without a word
He came to my side

He seemed to sense
What I tried to hide

He pulled me close
And raised my chin

I knew at that moment
Love had a begin

His words so kind
My knees grew weak

It was our destiny
That we would meet

Destiny works
in mysterious ways

My love for Drifter
would last all my days

Drifter would leave me
I knew from the start

With him he would take
My loving heart

His shadow disappears
Him I no longer can see

But in his place
Is loves memory

The name fits the man
And Drifter did not see

The place to call home
Was always with me

Copyright 08-09-00

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