I am a dreamer I dream dreams
Perhaps things are not as they seem
It seems it is over before it began
I listened and believed when I should have ran
Your words touched me and I believed they were true
Of all the people I believed in you.
My world is spinning out of our galaxy
Silly to think that you cared for me.
I wanted love not be a notch
Not a prize that says "see what I've got"
In love I believe for love I would die
But for me it seems Love always slip by
It isn't your fault It isn't even mine
Just seems that for me it's always the wrong time.
For love to be true there must be trust
This is my feeling and something that's a must
Perhaps we should slow down walk slowly on the shore
Give this friendship time to grow into something more.
This poem is for you For your eyes only
Maybe we ran to fast Tired of being lonely
Please accept my apology
For doubting the words you said to me
Together let us walk
Together let us talk
Under the stars on the shore
Both wanting and needing more

Copyright 2000

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