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Dear Amanda,
I tried to think of all the reasons that I love you and
will miss you.
I will miss the way you yelled when I woke you.
No matter how much sleep you
got, you never wanted to get up.
I will miss the way that you would do things for me,
even if you didn't want to,
all I had to do was ask.
I will miss the Way we would giggle
when we was on the Internet, and
something or someone would get us going.
I will miss the way we would turn up the radio,
and sing and dance to your
favorite song. (You know the one)
I will miss the way you took care of my kids,
and called them ours.
I will miss the way your eye's would light up
over things that made you
happy, even if it was just macaroni and cheese.
I guess what I am trying to say is
that I will miss everything about you,
even the bad stuff that always made me yell.
The picking at the kids,
smoking all my cigarettes,
saying you're up, but not,
tracking in mud on my carpet,
and moving my car seat up so far
that my knees touched the dash.
You was such a short little monkey.
My heart is screaming for you to get up,
begging you to do this one thing for me.
I need to hear you giggle,
and dance with me one last time.
Our kids have lost a mother and I have lost
my other half. I would give my life to see the joy in
your eyes and the sunshine in your smile.
I will never love anyone or share as much as I did,
and still do, with you.
I hope that you know how much that I have,
and always will, love you and miss you.
Maybe the angel's seen what a wonderful
person you were and got jealous of me.
That could be the only reason for you to go to them.
Save me a spot. Someday
we'll dance again and teach them a few songs.
We'll show them what heaven
really is.
With all my heart.





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