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Hidden Tears

So many times I wanted to cry

But I found it so hard to do,

I guess it's because I've always been taught

It's not the right thing for men to do.

I have taken both hurt and pain

And at times it has left me with fears,

I've always managed to hold them back

In my life of hidden tears.

People often see my happiness

As I'm a happy go lucky guy,

If they only knew that deep inside

There were times I wanted to cry.

The everyday turmoil of life

I cope with no trouble at all,

But if my children decide to hurt me

That's the time I begin to fall.

But because of my hidden tears

No matter how hard I try,

I can't release the pressure

To the point where I want to cry.

Many times I have often wondered

Is this the normal thing to do?

As I've often comforted others

Including my children too.

There are times I think God left me

With no tear ducts in my eyes,

Or has he left me with no emotions

For the times I needed to cry.

But one day it's going to happen

When I'll forget about the fears,

Of being a man and crying

And I'll release those hidden tears

Author Terry Barnes

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