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The Grave

This is my own tombstone
I am very proud to say.
I bought it several years ago.
It will mark my grave someday.

Why is it people seem to be uncomfortable
Talking about their mortality?
When everyone knows
Death is a basic reality?

Is it because
Death is the final "Unknown"?
But if you trust in Jesus,
You're assured of Heaven's throne!

Because I'm "terminally ill",
I face death as a friend.
Death does not scare me;
To me death isn't the end.

Death IS the end of all my pain,
My sickness, and my despair.
Because when I die
I'll go meet Jesus in the air!

I'll be with my dear Mother
Who was my dearest friend.
And we will laugh together
Just like we did back then!

So, when you pass a cemetery,
Don't turn your head in fright.
Just give your heart to Jesus,
And it will be all right!

(C) 1999 by Glenda Lou Martin







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