To Corn & RemHave a wonderful day,
sorry I canít be with you today on your special day,
but I will be thinking of you.
I want to wish you both a very happy
and prosperous life together.
You both deserve to be happy.
While you are reading this
I shall probably be sat in the
chat room all by myself,
donít worry though I will have fun and
I shall drink a toast to your future.
I hope your wedding night is like our kitchen table,
4 bandy legs and no drawers.
Anyway you all have a fantastic time,
and see you soon.
Veronica xxx

You chatted in the room using
screen namesCornflakema and Remember me
Some things they say
Are just meant to be
It wasn't exactlyLove at first sight
But oh the words you typedWere oh so right
Now very soonFor all the world to see
You and I will go downThe isle of matrimony

Two hands to hold onto forever,
Two arms to be embraced by eternally,
Two eyes to gaze into for always,
Two lips to kiss so passionately.

Two souls fused by commitment,
Two names written in the stars above,
Two lives intertwined by God,
Two hearts joined by the purest of love.