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Why is life filled with so many changes?
Why can't the old and comfortable remain that way?
Why do we have to make room for the "new and improved"?
What's wrong with life staying that way?

Who says it's true that you can't go home again?
Why aren't we happy with what we have?
Why can't the "little things of life" be enough?
Why does there always have to be more?

Why must we be constantly be chasing rainbows
And dreams that may never come true?
Why must we all feel so restless
For things that we don't even know?

As I sit in my back yard and ponder these things
As the wind gently tossles my hair,
And I wonder why I can't find peace,
I'm reminded of the one answer that fits.

If we give our lives over to Jesus
Then maybe in time we will see
That the end of each question points to only one thing:
And that's His gift of love on Calvary's Tree!

(C) 1999 by Glenda Lou Martin

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