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Challenges we all must face
A new endeavor, a new place

Having doubts and inner fears
Countless are the falling tears

We tend to want what we know
Never wanting to let go

Change sometimes is for the our good
But often too late understood

Onward we must march ahead
Putting to rest all our dread

The sun will come out tomorrow
Putting behind us all our sorrow

That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger
We must hold on a little longer

I know from that of which I speak
Life is not for the meek

There are tears and there is laughter
Smiles and happiness is what I'm after

Help me make it through the night
I know in my heart .. all will be right

If I can do it so can you
Together we will see this through

Challenges come to one and all
Some are big and some are small

Hold my hand .. and let's unite
We can win this uphill fight

Challenge I am up to you
Onward I will march right through

Copyright May 2, 2001

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