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If All Who Hate Would Love Us

If all who hate would love us,
And all our loves were true,
The stars that swing above us,
Would brighten in the blue;
If cruel words were kisses,
And every scowl a smile,
A better world than this is,
Would hardly be worth while.
If purses would not tighten
To meet a brother's need,
The load we bear would lighten
Above the grave of greed.

If those who whine would whistle,
And those who languish laugh,
The rose would rout the thistle,
The grain outrun the chaff;
If hearts were only jolly,
If grieving were forgot,
And tears of melancholy
Were things that now are not;
Then love would kneel to duty,
And all the world would seem
A bridal bower of beauty,
A dream within a dream.

If men would cease to worry,
And women cease to sigh,
And all be glad to bury
Whatever has to die;
If neighbor spake to neighbor,
As love demands of all,
The rush would eat the sabre,
The spear stay on the wall;
Then every day would glisten,
And every eye would shine,
And God would pause to listen,
And life would be divine.

---Author Unknown




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