A Captain needs the Sea
Although perhaps he knows not why

You can see it in the sparkle
That glows within his eyes

The sea is like his lady love
So full of highs and lows

He is in charge and makes things right
No matter how the wind she blows

Stormy and calm days
He loves them every one

His excitement seems to climb
When things seem undone

At the helm he needs to be
Taking charge of all he sees

He doesn't realize how much
It's love he really needs

Strong and oh so handsome
This Captain is to me

I long for the time
When for me he'll trade the sea

A new adventure he seeks
Each and every day

I will be his lighthouse
Shining bright to light his way

Ahoy my darling Captain
Be safe and be my love

Let me lead you home
Let me be your star above

A Captain needs his vessel
To journey out to Sea

Perhaps someday he'll realize
That what he needs is me

Copyright May 5, 2000


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