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Bring Your Tears To Me

Just when you might have thought
That things were getting better
You are face with the pain
Of a Dear John letter

Now your world may seem to crumble
As you're falling out of love
And the break within your heart
Is all you're thinking of

But the Angel that you are
Should never feel so blue
Yet I feel from all your tears
The hurt your going through

If you could leave your past
For it was never meant to be
And start a new beginning
And bring all your tears to me

I would brighten up your world
And open up your eyes
I will dry away your pain
And silence all your cries

Let me shower you with love
And lace your heart in gold
I would satisfy your needs
With a passion you can hold

So give my love a chance
With a clear and open mind
For romance is at your reach
And I'm not to hard to find

Just listen to your heart
And take heed in what I say
And you will never cry again
For my love is here to stay

Author David Farrar

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