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Believe in Fairy Tales

I'd love to believe in fairy tales,

Although I know they don't come true.

Perhaps if I saw the unicorn,

Maybe I wouldn't be so blue.

Faith is something in which you believe.

But for me it seems that faith did leave.

Long ago When I was young

That's when my world

Came undone Perhaps I am lost

and can't find my way.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring a brighter day.

Would that life was like a fairy tale.

Then off to fantasyland with you I'd sail.

Stars in the sky continue to shine.

I wish upon them to make you mine

Maybe the unicorn will cast her spell

Change my life to heaven from hell.

I'd like to believe in Fairy Tales

and wish they would come true

For if my Fairy Tale came true

I would be with you.


Copyright 4-18-00


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