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I have always heard being a grandparent is fun,
I now know it's true because I am one.
Seeing your grandchild develop from infant to teen,
And enjoying the weeks, months and years in between.

Getting to visit but not staying too long,
Helping to teach the child right from wrong.

Hearing them laugh and seeing them cry,
I'm so thankful I'm getting to give grandparenting a try.

 Telling them stories of when their parents were small,
Picking them up whenever they fall.

Holding their hand on walks short or long,
Seeing them eat and watching them grow strong.

Hearing them talk about new friends at school,
Seeing them splash as they play in the pool.

Watching them learning to ride their new bike,
Buying them trinkets and treats they will like.

Providing snacks you know will please them,
Telling them you love them as you gently squeeze them.

Teaching them things about God they should know,
Taking them places that they want to go.

Being understanding when you know they are weary,
Doing what you can to make their life bright and cheery.

Best of all when they get too unruly or wild,
Is sending them home with their parent, your child.

Poem Sent In By Bill




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