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Bear Bouquet

With these words I send your way,

A smiling daisy and a Bear Bouquet.

It is meant for only you

Because of the wonderful things you do.

You make me smile,

you make me laugh and you dry my tears.

You chase the blues away

every time you're near.

If asked the definition of a true

and loving friend.

I'd say it was someone who's

caring has no end.

Someone who is with you

through good times and bad.

Loves you when you're moody

cheers you when you're sad.

Gives love and reassurance

that wrongs will soon be right.

Makes you feel beautiful

when you look a fright.

The description of the friend

could not be more true.

The friend I speak of

is none other than

Y O U !!!!


Written By


Copyright 2000

Poem Written By

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