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A Tear Falls

As tears roll down my face
I remember another time .
I remember another place.

The same songs play on the radio..
Taking me back where love did grow.

We were together .. You and I.
Laying beneath the clear blue sky.

Watching as the waves rolled in.
Recalling the touch of skin to skin.

We spread the blanket upon the sand..
And you gently took my hand.

A short walk to the oceans shore..
Knowing we both wanted more.

Tossing aside our cares and woes..
Helping each other remove our clothes.

Gently and seductively.
Feeling alive and feeling free.

Then you pulled me close to you ..
I knew then that love was true.

Our lips did touch.. a tender kiss..
This was splendor... This was bliss.

Your fingertips upon my thighs
Brought tears of passion to my eyes.

I reached to touch your hardened mass..
Lovers desires growing fast.

Your lips exploring everywhere..
No one has ever touched me there.

Our body heat was such.
I cried .. I wanted you so much.

You brought me to an ecstasy..
And I could see you wanted me.

I lay atop you and so slow..
I brought to you that special glow.

As I lay back down in your arms..
I discovered more of your many charms.

This far I'd never gone before..
You had opened heavens door.

True love is so hard to find..
and that night I did find mine.

A tear runs down my face
For we had found this lovers place.

In your arms.. lost in your eyes.
I know that there was no disguise.

You felt the love I gave to you.
It will last my whole life through.

Let's go again and rediscover.
How good friends became true lovers.

I want to go with only you..
To the beach and skies of blue.

Listen to the radio
The songs we loved so long ago.

Hand in hand we stroll the shore..
Wanting to share our love once more.


August 1999


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