As I Walk The Seashore

As I walk the seashore
I recall days gone by

Days of long ago splendor
Often brings tears to my eyes

Regrets? I don't have any
For a time you were mine

At least that was how I felt
Those were days one of a kind

Now as I recall them
They were seconds in time

My memoires comfort me
I'll never leave them behind

The sun shines in my face
The breeze blows my hair

The waves pound the seashore
Remembering our love affair

Where are you my love
Do you think of me

Have they days we shared
Become faded memories

As I walk the seashore
My thoughts drift out to sea

I wonder to myself
Did you ever really love me

I save all my memories
Not on paper but in my heart

For that is where you live
You have from the very start

I love you I need you I want you
You're everything to me

I write our names in the sand
As I walk the seashore

I make a wish to be with you
At least for one day more

Copyright 10-21-00

Graphics From Mrs Meeps


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