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Her silhoutte of hope, embraces my soul,


Filling my heart, which was once a blackened hole.


The highest mountains, we did climb,


I took a breath, as if for the first time.


Showing me what life is about,


Helping to believe, without any doubts.


As we reached the heavens sky,


Upon Angel Wings, I did fly.



Her arms of love around me & the promise of tommorrow,


Takes away all my pain & surrow.


Her smile wipes the tears from my face.


She soars the heavens, with amazing grace.


When she held my hand, we reached heights oh so high,


Upon Angel Wings, I did fly.



Now it is time, for me go out on my own.


I think, I've finally found my way home.


The winds of happiness have begun to blow.


If you happen to see, my angel, would you let her know,


I am not sure what the future is to bring,


But I am learning to fly, Upon my own Angel Wings.

By: Wendy Smith




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