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Angel of Death

They call her the Angel of Death
She seems to call to me

Perhaps it is because
She is the only one to see

The inner souls
Of the sad and lonely

Who believe their lives
Weren't meant to be

Dreamers they may have been
But dreams don't come true

Wishes they made on stars
But they didn't fall out of the blue

But I see her, The Angel of Death
Walking as though out of mid air

Her beauty is flawless white
Much like the raven black of her hair

An eerie kind of peace
I feel as she comes near

It is wide eyed wonder
Yet I feel no fear

Perhaps my journey
has found an end

This Angel of Death
She is my friend

Quiet and darkness
and yet I see

A Rainbow of Beauty
called tranquility

Now I lay
me down to sleep

In my slumber
I no longer weep

I give my soul
To the Angel of Death

It is for love
I give my last breath

To have and to hold
And then to let go

A lesson of love
That now I do know

Angel of Death
Take me home

It is there where my spirit
Will be free to roam

Copyright 7-24-00

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