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Angels By Your Side

This little Angel is sent to you

Because she heard that you were blue.

She and the others all are around

They hear your prayers and are earth bound.

You may not see them but they are there.

You can feel their touch and know they care.

Perhaps you noticed a tingle on your cheek.

They are like whispers ... they are very meek.

You will feel there presence if you will.

Perhaps it is when you are still.

You pray for something like a sign.

Stop, look and listen it is there all the time.

Things happen that we don't understand.

We sometimes shout and oh how we demand.

For everything there is a time and place.

We are given mountains,

we sometimes don't want to face.

Strength in unity, may we all be one.

Holding hands when things seem

to come undone. Together we can face

the good times and the sorrows.

We can do anything when love exists in our tomorrow's.

Always thinking of you

AngelKat50**Copyright 1999

Poem Written By

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