A Gift That You Left Behind

You came into my life one sunny day,
and always made me smile;
The sky was blue, the days were long,
I felt like even singing a song.

The words were sweet and so complete,
they had so much style,
I had never had this feeling before,
My eyes were beaming,
my nights were filled with dreaming;

Your face I did see and it was so happily,
The days turned into weeks,
the weeks turning into months,
until the day that we met.

It was the day I will never forget,
I stood across the way from you,
and at a glance did see,
A man, I always thought that would be there for me.

We went to a park to sit and there it took place,
our first embrace,
It seemed we kissed for hours,
I had lost count.

The love in my heart was beginning to mount,
Your kisses were like I had never known,
Yes, I thought you were my own,
When we said good-bye until tomorrow;
it was then that I felt such sorrow,
But we did meet again the very next day,
I thought that you felt the very same way.

The week went by so fast,
I prayed that it surely would last,
We laughed, we loved, we cried,
we played, and we said good-bye.

The day that you had to leave me I began to cry,
I drove away thinking that we would always be,
but you disillusioned me,
The talks weren't the same,
you barely called my name.

I had this feeling deep inside of me,
that this was the end,
My heart was right and I am on the mend,
The poet once said tis' better to love and lose,
never to have loved at all.

I disagree, because when you love and lose ,
your heart will forever sing the blues,
When you haven't been there, you don't know,
So on with your life you can pleasantly go.
A sad lesson that I learned never to give

my heart so easily, so sincere,
Because I stand where we kissed,
so sad
Forever with a tear.

 Written By Dorothy

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