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Adding Years


My sister just turned 50
A few months ago
And what a celebration we had!
For one we dearly love so!

I made this poster of photos
Of Ada through the years
To show how her life has changed
Through joy and through tears.

Why do we hate each added birthday
With such a bitter hate?
Why is it that we loath
Another candle on the cake?

Each year is an added blessing
Another year in which
To try to do the best we can
This sinful world to switch!

I'm thankful for each birthday
Another year I've been given.
for I am "terminally ill" and
Never know when it will end.

I cherish every birthday
As a special gift from God!
I know my time will end someday,
But until then I',m awed!

(C) 1999 by Glenda Lou Martin




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