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A Broken Heart
It started long ago
in a far away land.
The love and understanding
between a woman and a man.
Perhaps it was then
a decision was made.
That love was never ending
a self made barricade.
I promised him a love
That was faithful and true.
But that was before
I ever knew you.
So hard to belong
to the wrong someone
when the right one comes along.
I never knew love like this ...
finding rapture in your kiss...
A love like this ...
can't be wrong.
But how do I say
I made a mistake ...
When I promised him
Never to forsake.
With this ring
I thee wed.
Those are the words
that I said.
Until death do
we part.
Someone will have
a broken heart.
If I have a choice
I guess it will be me.
But always know
The one I love is thee.
 AngelKat50**Copyright 2000
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