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"What happened?" asked the hospital visitor
to the heavily bandaged man sitting up in bed.
"Well, I went down to Busch Gardens on vacation
and decided to take a ride on the Loch Ness Monster...
As we came up to the top of the highest loop,
I noticed a little sign by the side of the track.
I tried to read it but it was very small and
I couldn't make it out. I was so curious that
I decided to go round again, but we went by so
quickly that I couldn't see what the sign said.
By now, I was determined to read that sign
so I went round a third time. As we reached the top,
I stood up in the car to get a better view."
"And did you manage to see what the sign said this time?"
asked the visitor.
"Yes," he said sheepishly,
"Remain seated at all times!"


Joke Sent In by Candy Torres
visit her web site here



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