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To Mommy and Daddy

Mommy I love you and I love Daddy too,

but up here in heaven we have so much to do

We help Jesus everyday, we're busy as can be,

getting heaven ready so you can be with me.

I can hardly wait to show you the place that I've prepared.

There's not a thing upon the earth that ever could compare.

We get to walk with Jesus and sit beside the throne,

He tells us beautiful stories, we never are alone.

Sometimes I walk behind Him and tug on his long satin belt,

He smiles and shakes his finger "Now you behave yourself".

Then he laughs and turns around and takes me in His arms,

He squeezes me so gently and sees I'm never harmed.

I know you sometimes wonder why I had to leave,

but Jesus knew the answer so don't have to grieve.

You see I'm really better off, I see no pain or sorrow,

and when you finally join me here it'll be just like tomorrow.

Just keep telling people about His wonderful love because

it won't be very long we'll be together above.

Then I'll run meet you and take you by the hand,

I'll finally get to show you this beautiful place he planned

Well it's time for me to go now, Jesus is calling me,

He's going to tell us more stories,

and it's my turn to sit on his knee.

So don't worry about me, I'm in a better place,

I'll be content with Jesus until I see your face.

-author: unknown-


This poem was sent to me by

Patsy Etheridge

Thank you Patsy





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