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 Two guys were walking down a dirt road when they come upon
a hole.
They look in it and one said "Can you see the bottom?" The
other replies "Nope." So they start tossing rocks in it to
hear how long it takes to hit the bottom. One turns to the
other and says "We need something bigger." They find a
cinderblock next to the road and drag it to the hole and
chuck it in. Suddenly there's a commotion behind them and
they turn to see a Billy goat charging them. They jump out
of the way just in time. The goat misses them and falls into
the hole. "Did you see that crazy goat" one says.  "Yeah, it
tried to kill us." They see an old farmer on a tractor
in the field and they run over and ask him if he owned a
Billy goat.
"Yes, boys, I sure do," he said. "Well, we're gonna sue you
because that crazy goat of yours tried to kill us!" "Yeah.
It came charging at us and tried to knock us in a hole!" The
old farmer frowned and said, "He charged at you?  Don't
sound like my goat, cuz my goat's real old and full of
arthritis. Besides I keep him tied to a cinderblock."




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