When Love does not live in a house
it is not a home

Without love the occupants feel lost
and often times they roam

The ride may not be
worth the trip

For sometimes loneliness
causes us to slip

The arms may be warm
and the sensations great

You feel on top of the world
but wait...

Reality will set in
and you are lonely once again

Why doesn't he/she understand
What happened to your lover ...
What happened to your friend

Right or left at Main Street
Which path will you take

One Road goes to a known
The other left to fate

For love to survive
It takes a little work

So often hearts are broken
Misunderstandings lead to hurts

Take time to smell the flowers
for the garden work was hard

The grass looks much greener
sometimes in another's yard

What goes on behind closed doors
No others but you know

Take a moment and plant a seed
and watch your garden grow

I know of what I speak
For in my garden are weeds

My garden needed attention
I neglected to fill it's needs

The flowers have now withered
as with neglect they do

Take time to take notice
It's not to late for you

Copyright 7-13-00

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