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On a lake quiet and smooth with

waters Deep and clear and clean,

a pond in life For us to go relax,

think, away from strife

And what has caused this no more matters,

We are on the lake at the end of the

river That flows from beneath

the throne of God A place not

many go but it is a place sure...

God has made for times like these,

not odd For his ways are awesome

and free us there In his love protection

mercy and care, The water from melting

snow and falling rain, The water

coming in from rivers and streams

To a place to gather where all is of

one plane United together by love,

peace thought and dreams...

One lake in many areas found in other

Places, Around and about on earth

each unique and sound Of water standing

still yet shallow and deep traces

Beneath the surface sandy bottom

and solid ground, Some compassed

by fields and meadows and Others

by hills and mountains and lush forests

All being in a depression or a low area

of the land They are there for life in

and around for all of us.

Loren Howell....

The Art Work For the Picture

Was Done By LarryJames

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