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Good Bye




How do you say good-bye to someone
you never really said hello to?
How do you stop loving someone
you never really knew?

How do you tell your heart that
dreams do not come true?
How do I say good-bye to you?
How do I tell you what you mean to me?

How do I tell my heart it will never be?
How do you tell yourself it is over when it never
had a start?
How do I tell these things
to my foolish heart?

How do I deal with the pain
and the sorrow?
How do I convince myself
there is no tomorrow?

How do I say good-bye to you?
Love isn't perfect...
sometimes it isn't even fair.
But to live without love,
I wouldn't even dare.

Loving you is something
that I do so very well.
Even though at times
I feel like I'm in hell.

But when I am with you ...
The world could never be more right.
I dream of being with you ...
On a lovely star filled night.

In this dream you love me
and we are as one.
Holding on to one another
never to be undone.

But this story unlike fairy tales.
Has no happy ending...
only my tears prevail.
I do not wish to hurt you...
or cause you any stress.

I only want to love you
and I tried my best.
If ever I should be there,
in your memory.

If ever you are lonely
feel free to call on me.
How do I say good-bye to you?
I will always love you
and cannot say good-bye.

I still believe in love,
and I will survive.
No one can take the memories
that I have made with you.

When you think of me
always know my words were true.
I am and always will be
so much in love with you.

Copyright 1999


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