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Friendship is a strange thing. We find ourselves

telling each other the deeper details of our lives...things

we don't even share with the families who raised us.

But what is a friend? A condifant? A shoulder to cry on?

An ear to listen? A heart to feel? A friend is all these...and more.

No matter where we met, no matter how long we've

been together...I call you friend. A word so small,

yet so large in feeling, a word filled with emotion,

a word overflowing with love. Truly great things

come in small packages. Once the package of

friendship has been opened, it can never be closed.

It is a constant book always waiting...waiting

to be read...and enjoyed. We may have our disagreements...

we may have our disappointments...we may argue..

we may concern one another...friendship is a unique

bond that lasts through all tribulations. A part of each

of us goes into our friendships...our humor...our

experiences...our tears. Friendships are foundations...

necessary for life...and love. and

brought another friend and then we were three...

we started our group...our circle of friends...

there is no beginning...there is no end.

Author Unknown

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