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Once in a Lifetime

Just once in my life,

I met the perfect man.

I'll remember how we were,

When we walked hand in hand.

I'll remember his smile,

A magical wonder indeed.

A smile with such a glorious shine,

That no star could compete.

I'll remember the captivity of his eyes,

That held my heart in their gaze;

How when they danced into mine,

The world around me came to a fade.

I'll remember the power of his arms,

That amatively clinched me tight;

How my eyes longed to sleep,

But instead watched him through the night.

I'll remember the sound of his voice,

That sent trembles through my heart;

How he whispered gently in my ear,

Sweet nothings in the dark.

I'll remember his touch,

That slowly caressed with desire;

How just the touch of his fingertips,

Set my sensations on fire.

I'll remember that through the

joys and the pains,

That he was always by my side.

I'll always remember that a man like this,

Only came once in my lifetime.

By Angel Everett Taylor

Dedicated to Matt




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